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  Arkansas State Officers Greetings from College
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Greetings from Your State Officer Team from around the State!

Caleigh Sue Moyer, State Reporter @ Southern Arkansas University

            Let the withdrawals of Momma Moyers homemade meals, free laundry service and everyday hugs begin! I have officially started my college experience here at SAU. Even though its 5 hours from Prairie Grove my dorm room already has that “Home away from home” feel.  Taylor and I have made room 305 of Talley Hall our home for this year.  As you enter Talley Hall, our lobby is completed with a roping dummy and is always packed full of past FFA members and the rodeo team.  You know that smell that engulfs you as you walk past Bath and Body Works in the mall? That smell that is potent with 100 different kinds of fragrances all mixed together? Well that’s the best way I can describe the smell of the girls wing here in Talley, Victoria Secret PINK, TRESemme hairspray, Brilliant Spring Blossoms Febreze, and a hint of mildew and stinky feet.  Currently we have the “Lemongrass and Ginger Tea” scent cooking in our Scentsy. Taylor and I decided to bunk our beds in order to conserve space.  I guess you could say I am literally “living on the edge” as I go to sleep every night on the top bunk.  My least favorite part about not being at home is missing my momma’s homemade meals.  I have tried to adapt to the changes by substituting the homemade stuffed crust pizza that my mom makes with pepperoni hot pockets and her famous chicken and dumping’s with creamy chicken ramen noodles. College life is rough to say the least! As far as school goes, I am majoring in Ag Business and I think I have a pretty manageable schedule this semester. I enjoyed taking pictures so much this summer at ALC and CPC that I have applied to be the photographer and reporter for the SAU newspaper called “The Bray”.  I am hoping to get involved in the Ag Club here too! I’m so excited to see what all this year has in store for me as a Mulerider! 

God Bless

Lindsey Triplett, NW Vice President @ Arkansas Tech University

Since moving in at Arkansas Tech, I have already been rushed into college life! The first few days of freshman orientation were a blast and starting classes has been great too! I have already met a ton of people, got to know my teachers, and seen all sorts of ways to get involved this year. All of my teachers have been so supportive of me being a state FFA officer and I feel truly blessed because of that. There are many exciting things to do at Arkansas Tech and so many opportunities for anyone to get involved, regardless of their major. The agriculture department in particular has already hit the ground running with events planned for agriculture majors to get to know each other and the professors in that department, which I am extremely excited about! Many of my teachers have already even took the time to sit down one-on-one with me to make sure they’re doing everything they can to make me feel welcome here. I know that some of my classes this year will not be easy but I am so thrilled to be pursing my major of Agriculture Business – Pre Vet! I have interesting teachers, a great campus and facilities, great peers, and I already feel completely at home. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else but here at Arkansas Tech. 

Megan McMahen, Southern Vice Presiden @ University of Arkansas

Since summer has ended, I have moved to the hill in Fayetteville. I am majoring in Turf grass management within the Horticulture department in Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences at the University of Arkansas. I am truly enjoying North West Arkansas, even though there is no place like home in the South. I cannot wait to get the school year started and see all of the activities that a waits in the upcoming year. It is so great to be in a new part of Arkansas and also be so close to FFA chapters! I am going to be a part of Collegiate FFA and hopefully Student Government on campus. I also hope to join the Turf team to learn more about the turf grass industry. I am so excited to not only be an official Arkansas Razorback, but also still being active with FFA members. Hopefully, I can see many of you soon!

God Bless and Go Hogs

Taylor McNeel, State President @Southern Arkansas University

I am officially a Mulerider here at Southern Arkansas University (SAU)!  At the end of August, Caleigh Sue, Sunni, and I moved to SAU in Magnolia.  That evening we started day one of orientation.  From there it has been pretty busy!  I am majoring in Agricultural Business with a minor in Spanish.  I was also accepted into the Honors College here, so I look forward to the unique opportunities they offer to us.  SAU has a huge agriculture department and draws in a lot of past FFA members.  It is so cool to catch up people who I knew in FFA.  Also, SAU’s colors are blue and gold, like FFA!  In between class, I will be preparing for National FFA Convention, attending State Fair and my county fair.  The last weekend in August, the National Convention Delegates met to prepare testimonies for the proposed issues at Convention.  The delegates are the six state officers and five who were chosen to represent the state.  Those five are hard workers and are doing a great job as delegates.  I look forward to seeing everyone at fair, if not there, then in Louisville at National Convention!

Stay Blue and Gold!

Mason Strayhorn, Eastern Vice President @ ASU Beebe

Hey everyone! I hope that each and everyone of you have gotten off to a great start for your next school year. I know I have! I only have classes for 3 hours a day, so that leaves me with plenty of free time! I know it's a month and a half away but your State Officers and State Delegates are already hard at work at preparing for National Convention. We had a great conference were we learned about some of the proposals that could shape your organization, and we had a little fun in the process! I wish each of you the best of luck in all that you do, and I look forward to seeing each of you soon! Keep growing!

Sunni Wise, State Secretary @ Southern Arkansas University

Hello Everyone!

            Summer was filled with many memories that will remain with me forever. All good fun must end and as always after an awesome summer, we must return to school. Southern Arkansas University has become my new home and I absolutely love it. Here in Magnolia it is a small place filled with a lot of big hearts. I am planning on becoming actively involved in the Residents Hall Association and Ag Club. I have had the pleasant surprise of running into numerous FFA members that graduated in the recent years. My professors are amazing! They all understand how important FFA is to all three of us here. My favorite part about SAU, of course, is that the café is actually pretty good! The food here is prepared everyday with copious amounts of love. I look forward to hearing all about how school is going for each of you! Best of luck with all of your back to school meetings!

Best wishes

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