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  A Challenge For the Members
By: State President Dausen Duncan
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Hello, Arkansas FFA!

To start out, I’d like to share a little story with you all:

Imagine you and your group of friends are standing in the hallway talking about anything and everything that comes to mind. You’re all laughing and having a really great time being around each other and enjoying each other’s company. After talking for a while, you and your friends decide to go to class and as you’re walking down the halls, you pass by one of your peers. For some reason, this person really catches your attention and you notice they are sitting alone. You make eye contact with them but you keep walking to class with your group of friends. Once you get to class, you think briefly about who that mysterious person was and why they were alone, but you soon get caught-up in the teacher’s lecturing and forget about them.

A few days later, you are in the cafeteria with your group of friends when you notice that same individual who was alone in the hallway. Now, they are sitting alone at lunch. You can tell they are uncomfortable sitting alone and you can’t stand the thought of them being unaccompanied. Once you sit down at your usual table, you stand right back up and make your way over to that student and you sit down with them. After visiting with them during the whole lunch break, you learn that they have a strong interest in getting involved in school; they just aren’t very good with talking to new people.

During the next week, you invite them to attend one of your FFA events, and not only do they turn out to be one of your closest friends, but they also decide to join FFA and try out for a CDE team. Just think, this all started because you were the one who decided to go against the crowd and simply be a friend.

Events like this can happen in so many other situations than just at school. Everyone has a story, and not one of these stories will be the same. As FFA members, every day, we have the opportunity to be a positive influence in peoples' life!

Maybe that person who sat alone in class last week is actually the one with the highest GPA in your class. Or, maybe the girl who walks to class alone every day  will one day be the drum major at her university of choice. And, it is possible that the boy who sat alone at lunch the other day can become the next pick for your CDE team!

Arkansas FFA, my challenge to you is to be that one person who changes a life. Be the one who brings out the INFINITE POTENTIAL in someone. Encourage people around you to BELIEVE in themselves and GROW with them. Become the premier leaders that this extraordinary organization produces each and every day.

Good luck to everyone across the state this year. I, along with the rest of your 2012-2013 State FFA Officer Team, look forward to hearing about how you changed someone’s life!

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