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Nominating Committee
2024 Nominating Committee      

Congratulations to the following students that have been selected to serve on the 2024 Nominating Committee:

Kaitlyn Spencer, Cabot
Natalie Jordan, Greene County Tech
Kinsey DeVine, Mountain Home

Noah Gattis, County Line 
Hanna Ross, Greenbrier
Jaydan Sellers, Mount Vernon

Emma Tuberville, Camden Fairview
Brylie Hughes, Emerson
Madison Franklin, Smackover

Please see below for Nominating Committee information. 
  • Each nominating committee member will score candidates through the rounds individually using the provided rubrics. These scoresheets will be submitted directly to the nominating committee coordinator. 
  • Throughout the process, the nominating committee coordinator will keep a spreadsheet of candidate scores that only he/she will have access to. Overall scores will NOT be discussed throughout the process with nominating committee members.
  • Discussion among nominating committee throughout the process needs to be limited to discussion only on the current round, not on candidates as a comparison, or the slate of officers.
  • On the final morning, nominating committee members will be isolated and separated individually. They will be given the spreadsheet with all candidates’ scores for all rounds to analyze personally without discussion.
  • Each nominating committee member will select the six candidates that they feel should be on the team. They will write TWO justifications for each of the six candidates. These justifications can be based on scores, or from personal observations through the rounds. They will be allowed to add up to one extra candidate (for a total of seven) if they do not have at least one candidate from each of the three districts represented.
  • After time has been given for the personal analysis of scores, the nominating committee members will come back together with a facilitator for the final round. During this round, each nominating committee member will place their six selections on the board along with their two justifications for each. Any duplicate selections will just add the justifications to the list for that candidate. Only the candidates that are selected on the board at this point will be considered for the slate from this point forward.
  • Once all nominating committee members have presented their selections and justifications, the facilitator for this round will proceed with the process. The three at-large positions will be slated first from all candidates on the board at this time. There must be 75% consensus from the nominating committee members on each selection from this point forward. Once the three at-large positions are slated, the remaining candidates are divided by district and the three district vice-presidents will be slated.
  • Once the slate has been agreed upon, the results will be sealed in an envelope. The nominating committee will elect a chair at this point to read the results on stage during the first delegate business session.
  • Nominating Committee members will be sequestered from this point forward until the slate is read on stage.

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UPDATED: Nominating Committee Process and Rubric 2/2/2022 30 KB



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